Robin Gibb in remission

Robin Gibb in remission

Robin Gibb has revealed he's in remission and plans to record a new album with his brother Barry later this year.

Gibb, 62, has spent 18 months battling liver and colon cancer.

However he's told the Daily Mail that doctors confirmed the disease is in remission last month.

"As far as the doctors are concerned, they've got it. And that to me is the most important thing. I just want to keep going forward and not look back ... I'm doing well, and getting better every day," Gibb said.

"The results of my treatment have been spectacular - that's the doctors' verdict. They're completely stunned by my progress and it gets better all the time. The speed of the treatment and the results have overwhelmed everybody. All the doctors have said so," he said.

To mark the good news, Gibb has announced his intentions to lay down new tracks with his brother, Barry.

"We intend to record again and also work with the Bee Gees catalogue as well. We want to make an album. That will be close to the end of the year," Gibb said.


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