Aussie Artists Team Up For Special Sydney Supergroup Shows

Aussie Artists Team Up For Special Sydney Supergroup Shows

A new series in Sydney will see a handful of beloved Aussie musos team up across March and April for one-off supergroup performances.

All Our Exes Live In Texas’ Georgia Mooney has enlisted musicians such as Tim Rogers, Paul McDermott and Fanny Lumsden, who will perform “new songs, rarely heard songs, reinvented songs and on the spot songs” at Giant Dwarf for a show aptly titled Supergroup.

Here’s who will be joining Mooney at each show:

Mar 31: RW Grace, Fanny Lumsden & Stu Larsen

Apr 7: Tim Rogers (You Am I), Rhob Cunningham & Ben Salter

Apr 14: Dan Kelly, Brian Campeau, & Alyx Dennison

Apr 21: Paul McDermott, Steven Gates (Tripod), Liv Hally (Oh Pep!) & Seja

“As a touring musician, you spend a lot of time high-fiving bands backstage at festivals but never get the chance to actually play together. Such a waste!” Mooney said.

Supergroup is an opportunity to squish Australia’s best songwriters onto one stage for a screeching and banging, bloody good time. I am so excited to see and hear what happens with these four line-ups. It’s going to be unique, chatty, intimate, revealing, probably a bit silly and definitely really magical!”

There are also rumours floating around that “some other pretty incredible guests” will join the above musicians.

If you’re unable to attend/live outside of Sydney, not all hope is lost, with organisers planning to record and film the gigs.

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