Bon Jovi never to split

It was 28 years ago when Bon Jovi first formed in 1983 and since then they rockers have become well-known for their lengthy locks and even lengthier world tours.

Jon Bon Jovi, who turns 50 next year, admits the group will be forced to scale back their touring commitments as the rockers age – but he’s promised never to split up the band.

"This band is past the point of breaking up or anything silly like that. There’s such a mutual respect. We continue to make number one records and fill stadiums," he tells Britain’s Seven Days magazine.

"But will we still be doing 150 shows per tour? I just can’t see it. I don’t know how the hell Mick Jagger does it at 67. That would be the first question I’d ask him. He runs around the stage as much as I do yet he’s got almost 20 years on me."

Bon Jovi has also told of his admiration for bandmate Richie Sambora as he battles his drink demons.

The guitarist checked into a rehab unit in Los Angeles in April and was forced to pull out of a series of shows on the band’s current world tour.

He finished his treatment earlier this month and has since rejoined the group, and singer Bon Jovi is full of pride at his pal’s efforts to tackle his problems.

"It was great for Richie to go and take care of himself knowing full well he was not being fired or punished. He needed and wanted to seek help. Now he’s focused, re-energised and everything is great. Our partnership is as strong as ever," he tells Seven Days magazine.