Jimmy Barnes Set To Return To ‘Q&A’ Next Week

Jimmy Barnes Set To Return To ‘Q&A’ Next Week

The last time Jimmy Barnes hit the Q&A panel, he and fellow entertainment legend (and close friend) Magda Szubanksi jointly delivered some scorching points against the then-proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

The pair were lauded in the press for their raw and thoughtful contributions to the show’s often all-too-formal airs, showing formidable knowledge and candour in flanking Fiona Nash, Tony Burke and Jacqui Lambie.

Now, the former Cold Chisel frontman and beloved muso is set to return to the program for the episode screening this Monday, 16 October, at 9.35pm, alongside Victorian National Party Senator Bridget McKenzie, Labor Member for Cowan Anne Aly, Arcana Partners director and Lowy Institute research fellow Lydia Khalil, and former deputy PM Tim Fischer.

If you need a refresher of what happened last time, they tag-teamed their way into our hearts with a solid takedown of the notion of the plebiscite — which has, in its own twisted way, come to fruition nonetheless — with Szubanski responding to Nash’s defense of the idea:

“You’re saying that it is such a grave issue that every single Australian must vote on this — why? Why not vote on other issues like superannuation? Why not a plebiscite on that? Why not a plebiscite on… aged care? Those people are living below the poverty line. Why not a plebiscite on that?

“Now, Jimmy and I are family,” she continued. “I’m the godmother of his granddaughter. He’s a Scottish migrant, I’m a Polish-Scottish migrant. His wife is Thai. I’m a lezzo. We are that modern family. What threat does it pose except I don’t have the same rights as the other people in my family?”

Added Barnes: “I just don’t think we should be spending $170 million on whatever it is when there’s people sleeping on the streets in Australia, there’s kids that are hungry, there’s families that need counselling to deal with domestic violence… all sorts of better ways of spending money than a non-binding plebiscite.”

So, yeah — it was quite the program, to say the least. Now a best-selling author to boot, undoubtedly the incendiary icon will bring another serve of earnest energy to the table for his next go-around.

C’mon, Monday.

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