Looks Like The Gallagher Brothers Have Fallen Out Again

It only took about a week for musical siblings, Liam and Noel Gallagher to break their peace with Liam sub-tweeting some scathing comments to his brother.

The younger Gallagher lashed out at his big brother in a series of fiery tweets today attacking everything from Noel’s lack of current hits to his recent comments that it’s “undignified” to be playing stadiums at 50 years of age.

This development comes just weeks after Liam wished Noel a Merry Christmas via Twitter and confirmed in an interview with The Age that they were both in a truce.

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All breakthroughs are off the table now with Liam responding to responding a question about brotherly reconnection with a very succinct “fuck the truce”.

Liam finished up his run of Australian shows over the weekend with Falls Festival Fremantle, stay turned for more middle age men acting like they’ve missed nap time.