Startrek: Beyond Bromances

The age of the bromance has officially been upon us for years now, with deep, platonic love between male friends blossoming all over our screens. Let your best bud know that they are the Joey to your Chandler with this list of best bromances to celebrate the release of Star Trek Beyond on July 21. Live long and prosper!


Star Trek Beyond

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are best onscreen buds in the new Star Trek reboot in their characters Captain James T. Kirk and Spock. This intergalactic pair are also best friends off-screen, supporting each other in their solo ventures. "He's one of my best friends. I'm a huge fan of his, I'd support him to the end of the earth," said Quinto. Catch these two in the new Star Trek Beyond as it flies at warp speed into cinemas from July 21.


Joey and Chandler's friendship started in 1994 as Friends sprang onto our screens armed with the pair's silly hats and fold-out chairs. Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc's bromance went beyond the screen with the two still friends into their late forties.

Good Will Hunting

Who could forget this pair, they started off as childhood friends and then wrote their Academy Award winning film Good Will Hunting together, where they starred as best friends. These boys have gone through thick and thin, on and off the screen, and are still going strong with Affleck posting a throwback on Instagram for National Best Friends Day.

Wayne's World

The most lovable slackers of all time, Wayne and Garth were the 90's number one bromance. They didn't care for the haters and lived their lives full of rock n' roll beats and bad hair cuts. There were rumours of tension between the two, but how could the epic Bohemian Rhapsody scene be made by anyone but best friends? We don't believe it for a second. Party on!

The Lord of the Rings

Samwise and Frodo are the epitome of bromance, with a touch of romance, proving what best friends can survive together. When your best pal has to carry the ring while a murderous junkie follows you into the belly of evil itself, you're going to need a support network. "Whenever you experience something that's as intense and life-defining as we did together, it never goes away," said Sean Astin.

Pineapple Express

There's a certain friendship between a man and his drug dealer which can, obviously, get you into some deathly trouble. These boys ending up falling into a deep bromance, saving each others' lives and declaring their love for each other. This pair are a power couple off-screen with plenty of shared titles under their collective belt, like Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up and This Is The End.

Step Brothers

Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly created a real bromance in Step Brothers where they played actual brothers and best friends. They hated each other at first, before they realised how much fun they could have being bff's instead. They created a business, a band and a lasting friendship which has caused a lot of very public kiss cam moments.

How I Met Your Mother

The dynamic of three best friends Ted, Barney and Marshall is what makes How I met Your Mother truly great, with the three friends in an ever-changing bromance. Actor Jason Segel (Marshall) puts it simply, "We're a new generation of man, that doesn't have to hide behind this façade of being macho.  We can be how you actually are."  We wouldn't have these boys any other way!

I Love You, Man

When you're desperate for your first best friend and you come out with a bromance with Jason Segel, you know you've got it good. This very new friendship had a lot of ups and downs, with the boys sharing more than just dating tips, but mostly it was just hilarious to watch.


Those awkward high school years bring people together in a way that just doesn't resonate in adult life, and Seth and Evan are a perfect example. These pubescent boys were trying too hard to fit in and grow up but they did it together and that's what created the most beautiful bromance of all time. When you can boop your bestie's nose and then tell him how much you love him, you know you're friends for life.


These best buds work together and live together in a truly majestic bromance. They lead completely silly lives where they constantly try to one-up each others' masculinity, all while keeping in mind what's most important. As Blake puts it, "I need you guys in my life for the rest of my life!"