The Offspring Talk New Music & Good Things Festival: ‘We’re Thinking Of Making Two Records’

The Offspring Talk New Music & Good Things Festival: ‘We’re Thinking Of Making Two Records’

The Offspring haven’t released an album since 2012, but according to band member Noodles, the US punkers have so much new material they are considering releasing two records. 

Speaking to The Music ahead of their headlining set at Australia’s debut Good Things Festival this December, the lead guitarist said the group had “a really productive late winter, early spring”.

“We were in the studio and we did, like, five or six songs just right then and now we have more than a record’s worth of stuff and we’re thinking of splitting what we’ve got and making two records out of them,” Noodles said.

“The stuff we’ve been writing lately is pretty much straight forward, just kind of, rocking Offspring-sounding stuff. But really good. Like, some of the best stuff we’ve ever done.

“We always kind of feel that way, but we feel it’s really good. That’s what made us think maybe we should do two records and split up some of the stuff that’s a little bit different sounding… “

While they initially hoped to release the new music this autumn, it may take a few more months for fans to hear the new material. 

Meanwhile, the upcoming Australian trip will be Offspring’s first since 2013 where they performed at both Soundwave and Warped, with Noodles saying, “That’s way too long. We’re looking forward to getting back”. 

The tour will be made even more special with the fact they’ll perform their iconic 1994 album Smash in full, which peaked at #1 in Australia upon its release, at all three stops of Good Things. 

“I remember when it was happening,” Noodles said of the chart achievement.

“I remember our first time going to Australia… and it was just incredible the reaction we were getting.

“And I think a lot of that had to do with Epitaph putting our songs in surf videos and also snowboard and skating videos and that was kind of the crowd.

“Before that, it was just punk rock bands and we didn’t think we’d have any fans in Australia, it’s so far away. And we showed up and it was incredible.”

Noodles also hinted that some headline shows are in the works, including a “couple in other cities” outside of the Good Things circuit. 

“If you’re gonna fly 14 hours to Sydney from LA, you might as well be there for a little while!

“We friggin love it there. It’s a perfect time of year to be there. We just love it there.”

Other bands confirmed for the inaugural Good Things Festival include Stone Sour, The Used, BABYMETAL, Dashboard Confessional and All Time Low. 

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