The Saints Mural Unveiled In Brisbane To Celebrate 40th Anniversary

The Saints Mural Unveiled In Brisbane To Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Brisbane has taken its latest steps today in legitimising its historic music scene by unveiling a mural to to celebrate the 40th anniversary of (I’m) Stranded, the iconic debut album from local music scene pioneers, The Saints.

The street side mural is just the first in what Project Co-ordinator and former Go-Betweens member, Dr John Willsteed, hopes will be a legacy in acknowledging the city’s musical landmarks.

“My intention with the project would be to expand it out all over Brisbane,” Willsteed told The Music at the unveiling of the mural today.

“To even acknowledge places that no longer exist, we’re very big on knocking things down here.”

Willsteed touched on the locational influence that made (I’m) Stranded possible.

“Young people [in Brisbane] often feel as if they’re trapped in the suburbs and this work is about the power of song to transform that alienation.”

Original member of The Saints, Ed Kuepper, was at the unveiling to witness the impact his band has had on Brisbane, four decades later.

“At the time I wouldn’t have thought that 40 years later we would be talking about it. I would have been happy if someone had just found out record in the following years in a junkyard record store.” Kuepper said.

“I’m proud, I think it’s really nice but did I think that in 1976, when we were recording the album, that it would be enshrined in such a way? No.”

The mural was created by local street artists Frank & Mimi and stretches across a length of upper Roma Street, just around the corner from Club 76, where the band practiced before the release of the debut album.

Ed will be performing an exclusive tribute show in Brisbane to further celebrate (I’m) Stranded’s 40th anniversary; for more information head to theGuide.